When you need a lawyer to help settle a dispute, your lawyer should be knowledgeable and diligent, with broad experience. The team at Jarrard Law Group, LLC specializes in numerous types of civil litigation, business litigation, and other similar legal matters, and has the trial experience necessary to successfully advocate for you in court if your case calls for a trial.

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Civil Lawsuits

Our process for resolving a civil lawsuit begins with an initial cost analysis. We will determine if it is more beneficial for you to avoid going to trial. If it is, we will do everything in our power to resolve the dispute outside of court. However, if going to court is the best way to achieve your desired outcome, we readily take on the challenge.

Our firm represents clients in a variety of civil litigation disputes, including:

Business Litigation

The attorneys at Jarrard Law Group, LLC have a great deal of experience representing both businesses and individuals, equipping us with the necessary, multi-faceted skill to resolve your business disputes. Our extensive business litigation expertise includes:

  • Business torts
  • Breach of contract/fiduciary duty
  • Collection actions
  • Fraud/misrepresentation
  • Intellectual property litigation
  • Restrictive covenant employment litigation

Estate & Probate Litigation

Our firm is committed to helping families resolve estate and probate disputes that arise after the death of a loved one. We offer reliable, effective legal representation to assist you and your family with following conflicts:

  • Contested estates
  • Joint account fights
  • Probate petitions
  • Undue influence
  • Will caveats

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