Guardian & Ward

When an individual is incapable of handling personal decisions or financial assets, someone else must make those decisions on his or her behalf. The relationship between these two parties is called guardian and ward or conservator and ward.

A ward can be anyone who is unable to or incapable of managing affairs, such as a young child, a person with a disability, or someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s. The guardian or conservator can be anyone the court deems qualified to manage the affairs of a ward.

A ward’s affairs can include the following and more:

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Abuse & Neglect

Being a guardian involves numerous obligations. It is your duty to perform your role to the best of your ability and to protect your ward and his or her assets. Unfortunately, some guardians or caregivers choose instead to abuse or neglect their wards. Our experience in this area also includes litigation on behalf of wards who have been mistreated by caregivers. Our firm takes the obligations to wards seriously, and we aggressively use the court process to obtain justice for wards who have suffered physical and/or financial abuse.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of abuse and neglect, contact Jarrard Law Group, LLC today. We diligently advocate on our clients’ behalf. Our firm’s attorneys have many decades of litigation experience and are ready and able to fight for you.

Notable Cases

An individual who suffered abuse in a personal care home received a $64 million judgment.

Guardian & Ward Expertise

The attorneys at Jarrard Law Group, LLC have years of experience representing clients in guardian and ward cases. Most often, these cases move through the probate court, which has a unique procedure and requires special skills and expertise. Our team has handled countless cases in the probate court, giving us the tools needed to represent you with excellence.

In addition, guardian and ward cases require a multidisciplinary approach, especially when contracts and financial trusts are involved. With our experience across several practice areas, including business litigation and family law, clients trust Jarrard Law Group, LLC as capable and professional advocates.

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